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Dongguan led waterproof power, security knowledge network budding electronic

Dongguan led waterproof power, security knowledge network budding electronic

Dongguan Haoli Electronic Co. Ltd is a company with 10 years of professional production of switching power supply, adapter, LED power and LED power supplymanufacturer, is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R & D, production, sales andservice as a whole, product specifications, various and beautiful appearance. Designin strict accordance with the safety standards, product by 3W-200W (voltage 3V-52V,current from 0.3A-10A) by the United States UL, China 3C, Canada CUL, CSA,European TUV/GS, CE, BS, SAA, C-Tick in Australia, South Korea EK (KC), PSE, andROHS, FCC, EMC, CB certification.

1, surveillance camera shows the DC12V/AC24V general, the choice of what kind ofpower?

A: choose AC24V monitor power supply, because the same transmission distance,the higher the voltage, the smaller the loss. High voltage, load can be a more adequate voltage. At the same time, because of the use of AC 24V, at a time when debugging the monitoring camera, you can select the power synchronization, make the image field different equipment, the monitoring system can keep synchronization.

Surveillance camera power 2, how rational allocation of the whole monitoring system?

Answer: this question often young inexperienced engineer embarrass, many in the implementation of the program when the power found in the original design capacityis not enough, need for additional equipment, resulting in passing phenomenon and party. In fact, because the camera to start at the moment, a great starting current,plus works on long-distance transmission loss, therefore, the power supply monitoring cameras need, not simply the sum of rated power all surveillance cameras. The correct approach is the sum of rated power monitoring the camera monitoring system throughout the multiplied 1.3 times, this is a power monitoring camera is actual need,then add about 30% of the loss; finally, plus 30% of the margin, as the use of future expansion.

For example:

If a business building, has 100 fixed gun type camera, rated power of each camera is 4W, we how to configure the camera power?

According to the calculation method of the above, we calculate the surveillance cameras, rated power is power 4W*100 camera in actual use is to consider the loss,power monitoring camera needs to be coupled with the power margin, surveillance camera eventually need power supply is summarized as follows: the rated powersurveillance cameras need power = surveillance camera configuration (Note: if themonitoring distance long, need to increase the supply power, and improve the supply voltage) 3, surveillance camera power configuration, what is the most taboo?

Answer: the most taboo is: a common power supply of the whole monitoring system.The reasons are as follows:

1) when the system repair, often need to open, turn off the power. Surveillance cameras all start at the same time in the open source instant, particularly largestarting current, impact on the power big, serious burn power, 2) all the surveillance cameras share a power supply, when the power failure, the closed-circuit monitoring system to a standstill. Especially some important entrance image can't monitor, may cause unnecessary trouble.

So the correct approach should be how? Such as the examples above, there are 100fixed cameras to monitor a business building, a total of about 800W of power required, the correct configuration should be the power to select 4 units, each 200W.So, when a power failure of units, can put the important a surveillance cameraentrance of received other good power, does not affect the whole system work.

4, monitoring camera power choice also need to pay attention to what the problem?

Answer: the first: the surveillance cameras are connected to the power supply, not tomonitor the distance of the camera surveillance cameras and distance then at the same power. If then at the same power, the power supply voltage is high, will be burned in surveillance camera distance, power supply with low power, monitoring and distance of the camera free image. Should the monitoring camera distance. Then at the same power, the monitor is close to the camera is connected to the same power.

Second: if the monitoring distance too far, power supply, allocation of higher voltage requirements such as 30V, 36V and so on, and even for the 220V AC directly, to the front again.

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