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Dongguan adapter, adapter manufacturer

The adapter is the Chinese translation of English Adapter/adaptor. Adapter is ainterface converter, it can be a separate hardware interface device, allowing theconnected with other hardware or electronic interface hardware or electronicinterface, can also be information interface. Such as: power adapter, tripod baseswitching unit, USB and serial switching equipment etc..

In a computer, usually built into the motherboard adapter can be inserted into the slot on the card (or external)... Card adapter in exchange of information with theprocessor and the adapter support equipment.

The power adapter is equipment transform power supply in small portable electronic equipment and electronic appliances, generally consists of a shell, a power transformer and a rectification circuit, the output types can be divided into AC outputand DC output type; according to the connecting mode can be divided into plug walland desk type. Mobile PC with no battery, power adapter is particularly important forthe.

The power adapter most mobile PC can automatically detect 100 ~ 240V AC(50/60Hz). Mobile PC is basically all the external power supply, connected by a lineand the host, which can reduce the volume and weight of the host, and only a fewmodels have built-in power within the host.

Have a nameplate on the power adapter, marked power, index of input and outputvoltage and current, special attention should be paid to the range of input voltage,which is called "the travel adapter".

When the MBean is registered to the MBean server, you need to interact with theMBean protocol, and retrieve information from management application requests.This is enabled by the protocol adapter, it can convert the data to a standard protocolinformation management application.

The protocol adapter multi protocol support include: SNMP, TL1, RMI, CORBA, HTTPand HTML adapter.

In the actual development process, we often encounter such a thing, we formulate aclass according to the initial needs, in the development process was to understandthe demand or need detailed changes. And the development of the interface alreadyis defined, and has been put into mass code. If the change in the definition of the interface will cause a lot of coding repetitive revision work, and which may bring to modify the semantic errors or logic errors due to incomplete. Semantic error still can be found in the stage of compilation, and in case of logical error, the consequenceswill be very serious, even enough to cause the system to collapse. You need to usethe adapter pattern design method.

In computer programming, the adapter pattern (sometimes known as packaging orpackaging) to a kind of interface adapted to users expect. An adapter allows usually because of incompatible interfaces cannot work together in a kind of work together, it is the class interface wrapped themselves in an existing class.

The adapter pattern is mainly applied to, when defining the method interface can't meet the demand of customers, there is conflict or name defined method in the interface or interface method and customer demand situation.

Method of use the adapter pattern: while inheriting interfaces and known for a class,the class definition known methods and attributes, implementation defined in the interface (mainly use heavy interface method). With such as the base class for other business class, is also this adapter interface and the known class. If the known class changes, only need to modify the class adapter, can satisfy the interface implementation.

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