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Define the term Dongguan led waterproof power supply

Define the term Dongguan led waterproof power supply

A class of equipment: the basic insulation and protective earthing of electric shock protection device. (switching power supply is connected to this kind of equipment)

Two types of equipment: the other way to not only rely on basic insulation (such as the use of double insulation or reinforced insulation) to carry out anti shock protectiondevice.

Three types of equipment: no risk of electric shock device.

A circuit: a circuit directly connected to the mains.

The two circuit: not directly connected with a circuit, but by the power supply isolationtransformer, is located in the apparatus of converter or equivalent or by a circuit for battery powered.

SELV circuit (Safety Extra Low Voltage circuit): in the two circuit design and proper protection, which under normal operating conditions and single fault conditions, its voltage values are not higher than the safety value. (60VDC or 42.4VAC)

Current limiting circuit: a circuit design and protection of the appropriate, so thatunder normal conditions and single fault conditions, the current in the circuit out of the current non dangerous.

Hazardous voltage circuit: a circuit is not in accordance with current limiting circuitrequirements do not meet the requirements of SELV circuit and TNV circuit, the circuitin AC peak over 42.4V or DC voltage exceeding 60V.

Functional insulation: equipment in normal operation only needs insulation. Functiondoes not play the role of insulation protection against electric shock, but it can be used to fire.

Basic insulation: insulation to provide basic protection against electric shock.

Additional insulation: insulation basic insulation applied independent except outside,the anti shock level corresponds to the basic insulation.

Double insulation: from basic insulation plus additional insulation.

Reinforced insulation: insulation structure of a single, the anti shock level equivalent to double insulation.

Working voltage: when the equipment in normal operation, the insulation orcomponents are subjected to or capable of withstanding the highest voltage.

Fuel level: to identify materials according to the appendix A of EN60950 fuel level. In general the level from high to low grade HF-1, HF-2 grade, HB grade, HBF grade (forfoam material) and V-0 grade, V-1 grade, V-2 grade, 5V grade (for non foam)

Protective earthing: ground for security purposes.

Functional earthing: grounding safety purpose other than for the device or system.

Touch current: contact with one or more accessible parts when the current through the body.

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